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Head and neck

Treatment of baldness
  • Micro-vascular implantation of micro-strips (have been in practice for more than 20 years). It is used after or together with с технологией of «hair grafting» or follicular transfer
  • Treatment of abnormal and accelerated hair loss which does not depend on hormones (androgenic hormones) among women and men. Injection of platelet-rich plasma + mesotherapy; Minoxidil and Propecia
Treatment of superficial skin aging (wrinkles, spots and defects)
  • Injections of reticulated hyaluronic acid
  • Chemical peelings (medium or medium-deep)
  • Deeper fractional laser CO2
  • Platelet-rich plasma in cases of chronical poisoning with tobacco and eyelids fading
Usage of botulinum toxin (injections into small face muscles)

Botox = Vistabel ; Dysport = Azzalure ; Bocouture (without imperfections)

  • Treatment of mimic wrinkles (forehead, crow’s feet, wrinkles in the corners of lips, wrinkles around the mouth, visible subcutaneous neck muscles)
  • Improvement of the face oval: improvement of a « hamster’s face » (injections into masticatory muscles) / light tightening of neck skin (injections into subcutaneous neck muscles)
  • Treatment of bruxism (teeth-grinding and accelerated dental abrasion)
Medical correction of sagginess in the face and neck

Such sagginess results from aging or illness or weight loss, life style (exposure to sun, smoking, alcohol, toxic substances, and unhealthy eating habits)

Through restoring volume to the face : look up the chapter on the volumizing techniques using fillers or fat. Skin in good condition tightens naturally thanks to a better support.

Through restoring tension by implanting threads , having incisions or knots which allow them to tighten the tissues and maintain them in the right position and direction for a long time. In some cases permanent threads (Prolene) are chosen but in most cases biodegradable ones (made of polylactic acid, coprolactic acid) are a better choice.

In the latter case the effect lasts, as a rule, for more than 2 years, which allows replacing of the threads taking into account changes of the face. The threads are implanted in the medical office under local anesthesia in absolute sterility. The threads may be complimented with fillers but they are not compatible with techniques heating the deep derma.

This procedure can be used to tighten brows, cheekbones, cheeks and lip corners, jowls, neck. Besides being used to treat light and medium skin sagginess, it may be used to treat patients who avoid surgical lifting or have already undergone one.

NB: Techniques using equipment (Thermage, Ultheraphy, etc.) are considered by Dr. Deutsch as excessively risky: their cost is significant but the result is not guaranteed, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

Face Beatification Techniques

These techniques, which must always respect the natural beauty of the face, are based on the laws of balance and harmony (which curiously correspond to the golden section – the 1,618 coefficient). Artificial or excessive results and patients’ unrealistic demands should not be acceptable.

These problems of appearance correction or improvement also concern, thus, young men and women and they cannot be solved forever: it is necessary to repeat the procedure every year or every other year, which allows to better respond to changes happening in course of time.

Fillers administered by injections are the most preferable solution for the following zones:

  • Forehead: if instead of being nicely convex it appears to be concave (thus resulting in permanent folds and wrinkles), it is possible to give it more rounded shape
  • Brows can be reshaped with a different angle and a different width, in particular in their external part
  • An eye can be reshaped thorough thickening of the upper and lower lid fold
  • Cheekbones can be given a more balanced form
  • It is possible to add volume to hollow cheeks
  • It is possible to give a more harmonious shape to the nose; often people don’t even know that these changes are possible: the dent and crook in the nose can be removed, tip of the nose can be raised, back of the nose can be broadened.
  • It is possible to give lips a different shape, add volume maintaining form and balance of the face and taking into account dental condition
  • The chin depending on the case may be extended forward (for example in the case of retrognathia – abnormal posterior positioning of a lower jaw ), visually shortened or, on the contrary, protracted
  • The oval of the face can be formed differently (it can be made narrower, wider or it can be given a different shape)
  • Threads are used to create contours of the face, lift cheekbones, and remove the naso-mental fold if it is too visible.

    Botulinum toxin is used approximately every 6 months if there are so called mimic folds and wrinkles on the forehead. After the injections the forehead becomes relaxed and smooth. Botulinum toxin is also used for correction of a “hamster face” through injections in the strong masticatory muscles or in cases where the patient wants to improve the oval of the face.

    Treatment of the skin of face and neck
    • Stimulation by mesolifting, platelet-rich plasma, superficial chemical peelings, intensive light laser
    • Hydration with micro-injections of non-reticulated or little reticulated hyaluronic acid
    • Lightening of the tone or correction of pigment spots with anti-pigmenting products, special chemical peelings, flash lamp
    • Treatment of erythema, rosacea with flash lamp or pointed electro coagulation
    • Making skin smoother and suppler with medium chemical peelings, fractional CO2 laser
    • Correction of scars and folds with excision, removal, dissection and tissue transplantation
    Treatment of deep tissue aging
    • Injections of stimulating products (Radiesse, Sculptra, Ellanse) leading to derma redensification
    • Implantation of fat tissue under the skin and some muscles, the fat tissue is harvested in such zones as internal surface of a knee (micro-adipocytes)
    Correction of volume loss in the face

    due to genetic morphologic properties, weight loss, aging

    It is possible to use three techniques:

    1 / to cause formation of new connective tissue with injections of stimulating products (Sculptra (Newfill for HIV positive), Radiesse, Ellanse S or М or L.) Several procedures are needed, with intervals of 6-12 weeks between them)

    2 / to implant the lacking fat tissue in the operating room through harvesting fat from a fat body area, its purification and immediate injection at both superficial and deep skin levels. Often two or three procedures are needed.

    3 / injections of biodegradable (within one-two years) products, such as volumizing reticulated hyaluronic acid or Radiesse

    Zones affected by volume loss that can be corrected:

    • Hollow temples
    • Downcast brows (loss or migration of fat tissue)
    • Hollow eye sockets (orbital cavities, panda eyes)
    • Cheeks and cheekbones (loss or migration of fat tissue)
    • Lowered tip of the nose resulting from loss of supporting tissues
    • Area under the mouth, corners of the lips and chin
    • Aged ear lobes
    Correction of double chin

    This can be a morphologic property or result from excess weight.

    La Liposuction  under local anesthesia is an efficient and popular treatment. It takes place in the operating room and doesn’t take long. It requires a recovery period of approximately two weeks.

    Dissolution of fat through cryolipolysis or injections of a new product (USA) which will soon be launched in the market. This deoxycholate-based product dissolves fat in the given area in several sessions.